My name is Oscar. I’m running for Selectboard. I invite you to read about some current issues, and to check out my story.

The quick hits: I’m a small business owner, the chair of the Brattleboro Energy Committee, and fascinated by local politics. I’m thirty years old, and will bring a fresh perspective to the Selectboard. My two primary areas of focus will be bringing a green economy to Brattleboro, and trying to address drug addiction in the community.

Politics in Brattleboro happen on a deeply personal level. If I can, I’d like to meet with every single resident in the next month. If you see me out in the world, please stop me and say hi. The more perspectives I get on things, the better I’ll be able to do my job for the town. If you read something on this site or hear me say something that you think is wrong, tell me! My beliefs aren’t perfect, and they aren’t set in stone. I’m always willing to listen.

If you want to reach me quickly, you can use the contact form below. It will email me. You can also email me directly at oheller@protonmail.com, or call me at 802-380-6847.

Oscar Heller for Brattleboro Selectboard 2019