My Story

My name is Oscar. I’m running for Brattleboro Selectboard.

I was born in New York, but when I was 14 my parents picked a summer camp at random off the internet. That camp was Camp Waubanong on Melchen Road. I spent most of the next dozen summers in Vermont. In 2014 I moved into a small apartment on Western Avenue. If I’m lucky, I’ll live in Brattleboro for the rest of my life.

I graduated from McGill University with a major in political science. I’ve always been interested in politics, particularly at the local level. I’m currently the chair of the Brattleboro Energy Committee. We just held an energy policy forum with our state representatives in December that was a great success.

I’m also a small business owner. My business, 10F Design, is a three-person partnership that designs and builds websites. We’re a member of the Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce. In fact, Kate O’Connor of the Chamber (and outgoing Selectboard chair) was the person who convinced me to run for the Selectboard myself.

I play softball in the Brattleboro league. Last year 10F Design sponsored the team and I managed it. I bat and throw left-handed. I can hit home runs, but mostly in the first half of the season, before I get lazy and stop going to the gym.

No word on whether this was a home run or not.

I spent my twenties playing guitar in a couple bands in the southern California desert. I recorded an album with one and I still have a few CDs. It’s pretty good!

The perfect photo.

I have two cats. They help me by standing in front of my computer when I’m trying to type.

…and Maeve.

Oscar Heller for Brattleboro Selectboard 2019