The Potential of Limited Self-Government

Like many others in Brattleboro, I support self-government for Vermont towns. One of the other articles on my website addresses the issue and the Vermont League of Cities and Towns proposal to try a self-government pilot program in the state. But whenever I discuss self-government, I’m asked one question over and over again, summed up […]

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1% Sales Tax

I would vote against the 1% sales tax if it were before me today. I’m open to having my mind changed, but currently I’m not convinced that it would be economically successful. It has other problems as well.

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Day Jobs program

I support the creation of a Day Jobs program that would offer employment to homeless residents. In broad strokes, the town would identify opportunities for short-term work, and help connect interested people to those opportunities. The town would actively encourage local employers to find or create these opportunities. It would also actively work with the homeless community to find people interested in the program and help them prepare for their jobs. The town would work to bridge the gap between the short-term Day Jobs program and potential long-term employment, as well as providing information on other essentials: food, shelter, medical treatment, and counseling.

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Home Rule

I support all efforts made towards transitioning Vermont from a Dillon’s Rule state to a home rule state. Presently, that means supporting the Vermont League of Cities and Towns proposal to the Vermont Legislature to initiate a pilot program allowing limited self-governance to selected Vermont municipalities.

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10% Marketing Fund

Two proposals were recently brought before the Selectboard: first, to allocate 10% of the rooms and meals tax to the Downtown Brattleboro Alliance and the Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce for promotion of Brattleboro; and second, to provide 2% of the rooms and meals tax to fund art in Brattleboro.

I support both ideas in general terms and in theory, but I oppose both proposals as they currently stand.

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Oscar Heller for Brattleboro Selectboard 2019